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You TV Player is a Free Ticket to Daily Entertainment

youtv player provides you the best downloading option

If you want free entertainment, then you must have heard of this application called You TV Player. It basically allows users to stream and download all latest film and TV shows with having to pay a single penny. The app offers several unbelievable amenities and which is the primary reason for loving the app. In this post, we are going to tell you why exactly you should be using the You TV Player and how exactly you’ll manage to use it. This is the only handy guide you’ll need to get your free ticket to regular entertainment.

All said and done, before we actually get to the how to parts, here are the features You TV Player could be offering. The features are pretty fantastic and should be taken into consideration before you get the app on our device. The first thing that you should know about You TV Player is that it comes for free and there are no hidden subscriptions that you need to worry about because we have personally used it and seen that the application is basically open and free.

One of the features of the app that we really like is easy to use interface that is very easy to navigate. When you are bored to can go through the tons of categories for you to browse and then find out stuff that you would like to see. Once to come across a certain film or show that you like you need to find out is if it’s worth your time. When you look at the page, you will find details on the cast and crew and plot details, trailer, and then you can rate the film or leave comments. Alternatively, you can use the rating and comment section is to see others think about the show and then decide if you want to watch the show after all.

For offline viewing, you can download the video or TV show and it's worth mentioning here that there is a certain feature called internet booster which is basically used by people who suffer from internet problems and the feature basically boost the internet so that can enjoy uninterrupted internet facility. At other times when you want to download videos, you will be given a number of choices as far as video quality is concerned. We recommend everyone to go for high definition. The app is regularly updated so is the data which is how you will get to see the latest shows and films.

For those wondering how you can get your hands on it, getting the app on Android smartphone is pretty easy. First, you’d need to take care of the handset. The reason for doing this that the You TV Player is not available in Google Play Store because the service it provides violates the Google’s policies and therefore the app is not on Play Store. Your phone by default doesn’t allow apps that are not from play Store to download or install into the phone which is why you need to go to Setting then Security and then enable Unknown Sources. At that’s all you need to do folks to get your hands on the You TV Player apk file and install it folks.

iOS 11: The QR code reader will be let known when there’s a Wi-Fi connection, so hold your breath!

Siri has been much into anticipation with the new iOS 11. We have gone through many news, rumors and suggestive speculations before the WWDC event was held. But now that Apple’s WWDC event has already gone through on Monday, we now know a bit of what is going to get unveiled with the original iOS 11. Though many Apple users have filled up forms and signed in for the beta version, yet we anticipate a lot can happen in a second. So with speculations revolving in our minds, we expect iOS 11 to come with many beneficial features.

On a sad note, iOS 11 might come with some “not so good” features, as latest buzz says iOS 11 has undergone various changes. Apple’s iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPad 4th gen all have 32-bit processors. With the new iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch, users would not be allowed in restoring them, not only that, but the older flagship mobiles would also be restricted of restoring, as after the restoration is completed users would find the 32-bit apps vanished from their device.

But hold on…

There’s good news awaiting. Let’s check them in brief, what say? Are you ready? Okay, so let us proceed further!

Starting with the hottest one, we have the Siri upgrades. Whenever there’s a rolling out of a particular iOS, Siri is expected to do wonders. But this time wonders will meet our expectations, and we will witness Siri be more intelligent than ever, After all, it’s just not something to be hidden in the Accessibility menu under the General in the iOS’s setting! After all, it “the” Apple’s assistant! With the launch of Siri, users are permitted to type rather than speaking to Siri, as Siri is based on US accent, and many users would find difficulty in terms of pronunciation.

The early iOS 11 testers noticed the update in terms of Camera. The app is expected to arrive on the market with the capability of reading the QR codes. From Dayton Lowell via Twitter, we actually got the information where it was quoted, “The QR code reader in iOS 11 .... offers to join.” On the contrary, if you are unaware what QR code is, let me tell you, they are quite useful. They are capable enough of giving you Wi-Fi networks as well as sharing contact details of users with someone else’s. Apart you can be sent a particular website via QR code. And not to forget, it can also prove the users’ tickets to be valid.

Drawing the ending line…

Apple’s brand has always lived up to our expectations, did whatever was needed to make fans proud of using it. But yes, we do have news about few of those horrible changes that are being made with the new iOS 11, but we know one thing, with fans, come trust. So we are confident of what the true blue tech company Apple is proceeding with; and whatever they are offering with the new iOS 11.

SHAREit: Its importance and features

One of the best apps which you can use in order to encrypt and protect your precious data is to use the new SHAREit Apk, one wonderfully diverse app which is terribly efficient at what it does. Indeed, if there is any consolation at all, it is the fact that many such apps are not as considerate as this one is. Not only is the new SHAREit app a godsend that has been used to get to a data secure environment, it has also important to realize that many users have often complained that many users have not been too secure to browse the web with a lot of safety and sanctity which is the fundamental reason why the new SHAREit Apk is so popular.

There is the one thing about the new SHAREit which is the best sharing app at present and  one thing to get done in the last few years. Indeed, it is the one app which is the one straight thing about data security as well., Trust us when we say that this app is the one thing which is standing between the SHAREit app is data theft and data security. There is a lot of data breached which have taken place in the last few years, and the most recent one is also the most important. There is a tremendous amount of data which is present repository in the Cloud and it is there that a majority of data is stored. Indeed, many users have often complained that many users have complained of the data breached which is the best to reach the various levels of data security.

There has been a lot of talk about the new SHAREit app's data security as well and we must conclude that the trust we place in it is well placed as well.Indeed, we must suggest that many soldiers like Bradley Manning, also known as Chelsea Manning, was the one convicted to serve a prison sentence for the new era soldiers as well. Truly, we have been wonderfully adept at picking out the exact things we must point at in order to the new soldiers as well. There is this one thing about international hacking groups as well. Not only is this one point good enough to migrate to the SHAREit app, it is also enough to convince us to download the new SHAREit Apk as well. 

We will now talk about some of the newest and most prominent features which is the hallmark of this new app. First and foremost, the new app is completely free, that is right, it is gratis. such apps are normally not the standard bearers in the truest sense, but we see an exceptional pattern here as well. Indeed, we would not be the first people to say this but we must accept that the new SHAREit apk is the one app which is about 40 times faster than the conventional Bluetooth and yet considerably safer to use, despite being free. We urge you to use this new app at once.



Vidmate App Detects the Browser Link Automatically

Vidmate can recognise browser links automatically

Vidmate is one of those platforms of streaming entertainment videos which has earned a huge name and popularity within just a small period of time. It gives major and great competition to the applications which fall under the same category as Vidmate. Therefore, till now Vidmate has only gained positive feedback rather than getting over flooded with complains. Whenever a new app comes into the market we actually mull how it would be or is it necessary to download the particular application. But Vidmate started creating a great impression right after it got introduced as a video playing platform. Since then the developers of the application did not look back at all, the app kept attracting deluge of people and now it the amount of popularity Vidmate has achieved is certainly commendable and applaudable because most times it becomes difficult for a new application to shine bright among the existing ones.

Vidmate has done justice to its genre and the application has actually got an extremely bright future. The users of Vidmate got gaga when they got to know that the facilities which they would get would be of free and they really could not believe that it could happen. From free services to premium features, Vidmate provides it all and kind of tops the list of being an awesome video playing platform. On the other hand, Vidmate also faces completion from the other free video streaming and downloading apps but that has not stopped it from rising high. There are deluge of reasons for you to install Vidmate right away and the facilities which you would get to use on Vidmate are splendid and it can be used with ease even on your Windows PC. Therefore, the users who already actually have the experience of utilizing Vidmate have even referred the particular platform to other people.

However, Vidmate will also help you to detect the browser link automatically which is an awesome feature indeed and you will actually love every bit of the platform. The application also covers all the regional and the vernacular language movies and other shows which is helpful for people who lo0ve those kind of films and shows.

And Vidmate being an awesome application for streaming and downloading videos it has gained good reviews from everyone who has utilized its features to a great extent. It also supports high quality songs and you will get the opportunity to listen to those music and also download the songs through Vidmate.

Nevertheless, people the other features of Vidmate as well, they go through a hassle free downloading method as they do not get themselves registered before installing the particular platform.

Therefore, Vidmate has every other reason to reside in the good books. However, it hardly buffers the videos due to which people do not find any kind off hindrances before installing the Vidmate application using the Vidmate Apk Download link.

You can also resume and take a break while watching the videos and it will not affect at all because you will get to watch the video right from where you will stop it in order to take the break. Therefore, Vidmate is certainly splendid.

PlayBox App and its splendid features

Playbox app and its awesome features

If you want to experience the seamless entertainment and want to make it part of your life, then PlayBox is your one-time solution. As it is an app and it is possible to keep it on your phone, it is true that life will always be full of magic. This app is too simple to download, and it offers a great number of movies, cartoons and television series that can be streamed or downloaded with a subtitle too. As PlayBox is quite famous with the young generation, it adds quite a few interesting features to make it more effective and attractive for them. Let’s take a look at the features of the PlayBox app.

PlayBox Features

The best part of the PlayBox is that it is absolutely free. That means you don’t have to spend a single dime to download the application or the videos the application offers to its users.

The user-interface of this streaming app is very easy to understand, and it helps you to search the contents by their category and genre.

Apart from that, the supports Google ChromeCast that means the user can directly stream the favorite TV shows, movies and cartoons directly on TV set with the help of this application and your smartphone.

PlayBox comes with HD quality movies, TV shows, and cartoons and the user can watch all of them for absolutely free of cost.

PlayBox is one of those user-friendly apps that keeps in mind the fact that the choice of the movie lovers never sticks to their own language. This amazing streaming application thus gives the option to support subtitles of different languages.

The application updates its library on a regular basis so that you can get the newly released movies and their trailers and the upcoming TV shows as well. But it never disappoints you with the old and classic films. So PlayBox is smart enough to understand the taste and choices of the viewers.

You can change the video quality anytime, If your internet speed does not support the HD quality streaming.

PlayBox HD also offers the Kids Mode, that helps you keep away the children from the explicit contents.

Last but not the least; the users can share their favorite videos or movies with your folks and family through the application.

The above said features of PlayBox itself enough to prove the next gen entertainment that can be found in your pocket. Gone are those days, when we need to wait week long for our favorite shows and cartoons or had to skip our work to go for a recent movie. Now all those are just one tip away from you. PlayBox is not available at the Google Play Store. The reason behind its unavailability in the Google Play Store is, it provides the copyrighted contents and movies, and thus Google Play Store does not support it. Though, you can download the app by finding the Playbox HD Apk file from a trusted source and then install it on your device.

So download it now and enjoy a great movie experience.


ShowBox: Few Troubleshooting methods you need to notice!

ShowBox: With the vast improvement in the field of technology, there arrived the latest versions of smartphone. And when smartphones are a new language to digitalization, there we have newer versions of digital world. Yes, with revolutions of technology there occurred many apps which make our life easier and seamless. ShowBox is one fine app, in the field of video streaming.

ShowBox Features: First and foremost, ShowBox app comes free of cost and of course without any hidden cost. It is definitely another app which promises and doesn’t have the ability to deliver; it actually works in order to gives best services to its age-old users. Second, users, you can anytime watch your favorite TV shows as well as cartoons and movies. Third, by giving a proper categorized view, it helps users to search their favorite things in Showbox app ( )easily. Fourth, you will get an option of streaming or downloading HD quality videos which can give you finest watching experience. Fifth, ShowBox offers a user-friendly interface so that users don’t suffer from confusions. Sixth, ShowBox is just not for free-time users; you can even download your favorite movies or shows and watch it later in your leisure time.

ShowBox System Requirements:

·  2 GB of RAM is needed

·  Internal Storage of 500 MB (disk space)

·  Operating system anyone among Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

·  A fast internet connection

·  Processor of Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU

·  Other requirements like mouse and keyboard.

ShowBox Troubleshooting Errors: Users who suffer from SHowBox error, here’s how you can manage to troubleshoot. Read on for more details.

·  Users, if movie doesn’t load on your device, then it can be said that you are using a torrent link. You need to try to choose server 3 and then keep on playing the movie through another player. However, ShowBox for PC can also help troubleshooting this ShowBox error.

·  If ShowBox app is not loading links then we can say that the movie has not been uploaded. You need to switch selecting a different section of movie, and find a list which is available for you to watch at that point of time.

·  We have reviews that ShowBox for Android crashes a lot. Trust us, when we say it has nothing to do with ShowBox app, it is just because of your phone memory. You need to delete unwanted apps, clear cache, then do reboot! You will see the app to be working normally.

Wrap Up: We don’t want to give you an understatement by saying ShowBox is a brilliant video streaming app. We want you to say such things. But before downloading, make sure you are safe. The reason is this kind of apps can harm your devices as well as hack all your information. So before you use ShowBox be safe and secured.


You can convert a Youtube video to MP3 format with Snaptube App

In this rat-raced world, technology is the only source of hope for folks to get to be familiar with anything and everything. Earlier, this might have been just a myth but now, there’s no such thing that technology cannot do, you just name it, and it’s done. With the evolution of smartphones, people have traveled a long path to reach the summit of development. Not only were replaced by text messages but also, there occurred a substitution from classic telephones to the hottest beast. With this revolution, folks have been offered with various smart apps. Applications (like that of SnapTube) somewhat play an important part in our day-to-day lives.

Talking about video streaming apps, we are highly and immensely knowledgeable enough of the benefits offered by them. SnapTube is one of the apps which performs video downloading services and talking about this fine app; we have numerous advantages of using it. In this article, we will highlight what SnapTube is capable enough of offering to their long-term users. Read below to know SnapTube features vividly.

SnapTube App: Features that are offered by the video downloading app

Various video streaming and downloading apps have been provided to us, but you might ask why we are in the urge of letting you offer SnapTube features, and why not are we talking about any other app? Well, after you read the mentioned below beneficial features of SnapTube, you would be able to justify the answer yourself. Read on.

· First, SnapTube is capable of offering videos of multiple resolutions. Users, you just need to select your desired resolution and download it in just a minute.

· Second, SnapTube offers videos which come absolutely for free of cost. Users, you just have to spend a single penny in order to download contents from this video downloader.

· Third, SnapTube offers ad-free contents. Users, by that, the video downloader will definitely not hamper you with annoying ads, and you will get to be provided with world class entertainment without any harassment.

· Fourth, SnapTube provides an incredible speed of downloading videos, even the heavy sized HD contents can also be downloaded in just a couple of seconds.

· Fifth, SnapTube surprisingly gives its age-old users the provision to convert a YouTube video to the MP3 format; thereby allowing you to download that very MP3 format content to your respective devices.

Wrap Up: Well, there are more SnapTube benefits like allowing users to search through their previous history, occupying low disk space and more. Users, we hope our article has convinced you, and now that you are ready to download SnapTube App, go for it, but make sure that you are safe first. Use a secured antivirus and run the miracle app, SnapTube to get the benefits of video downloading services.

Freedom App: Everything You Must Know

Freedom app

It is a fact that mobile gaming is currently one of the most booming industries. Where we are all aware of the advent of a whole bunch of gaming apps that have taken the world by storm, can be downloaded for free, mostly. So whether you are a racing game lover or just like to pass the time by crushing candies in a grid on your mobile phone, the options are endless. And trying them out on your device doesn't cost a thing besides your regular internet bills. Freedom App thus comes in the context that actually gives the game lovers the freedom to play the game without any interruption.

Through Freedom App, the gamers can easily omit the annoyance of buying the next level or a number of adds to reach it. Thus we can say Freedom App is a great hack to make the kind of progress the user wants in a game or in any other app, and the users can do it without reducing the slightest bit of money. So we can say it is a rescuer for the game lovers and it will be interesting to know the other features of the app to know how efficiently it can help you out!

Freedom App Features

The best part is Freedom APK is one of the most useful tools for Android users, and it is not just for the games. The app comes with a lot of useful features that will make the app using experiences a lot smoother and disturbance free. Freedom App allows the freedom of using an app without constantly being annoyed by an enormous of advertisements, or make in-app purchases or microtransactions to get the access of the premium virtual products. Let's have a look at the features this app provides to its users, which works as a coveted tool for many Android users.

It allows access to a number of premium features in an app.

Freedom also enables the use of patches and modes to customize games.

It significantly reduces plenty of excess advertisements.

It deletes the need for in-app purchases in an app.

Freedom also offers the access to the full versions of Android apps, that otherwise require money.

This app supports a number of apps and a number of Android devices.

Freedom helps the users by a regular update to offer more stable and more extensive support for the other apps of the users.

Alternatives to Freedom APK

The Freedom App is a great app for no doubt, at it helps in avoiding the in-app purchases on the Android devices at no extra cost. But at times you may find the app is not working properly, as at times the developers take down the app for some reason, or as some smartphones do not compatible with the latest version. There is at times a possibility that the user may simply want to explore other apps too, that comes with a similar nature.  There is an issue too of not be compatible with some other apps or the device of the user. For such purposes, one can count on some of the apps with almost same features. These, like Freedom, will help you to stop the micro transactions without having to shell out extra money. Such few apps are:

  • Lucky Patcher
  • AppSara
  • Creehack
  • LeoPlay Card

There is no doubt Freedom is the best of them. So download Freedom or any other such app to enjoy pennilessly and hassle free gaming experience!


Kik For PC: How Do You Use it and Why?

Download Kik for PC
Kik for PC Download

When it comes to secure communications, Kik for PC is one option that you should not miss. Encrypted, safe, secure, and absolutely free, this messenger service is essential in the era of connected living. When first launched by Kik Interactive in 2009, it proved to be an instant hit. Like all great messaging services, the Kik messenger for PC has great features which add to the many features which it has. Here, we shall discuss why you should use the Kik Messenger app and how you should use it.

Kik For PC Messenger: Why should you use it?

There are some great benefits of using the Kik messenger service. For starters, this messenger service shares many common traits with the widely used Blackberry Messenger, commonly abbreviated as BBM. This similarity in technology is not restricted to the usage aspect alone; it also brings on board the great encrypted nature of communications. Also, taking and sharing pictures and GIFs are made easier with the Kik for PC app. Besides, it must be remembered that you will not have to share your real name or ID while using this app. An online avatar will do. Lastly, we cannot stress how easy it is to communicate easily with friends with this app. The scanning interface on the messenger ensures that you do not have to search for your contacts ever again manually.

Kik for PC: How to Download the app

Kik Messenger for PC can easily be installed on your device of choice. There are more than two methods of doing so and we shall discuss the easiest method. For this method, you must now download an Android emulator, something which fools the Windows operating system into believing that it is actually an Android platform.

For simplicity, we have used the Andyroid Android emulator, which is easy to use and is safe and secure to boot. Just follow these steps to ensure that you can use Kik Messenger on your PC.

  • Download the Andyroid emulator on your Windows PC and then install it. After the process completes, open the program.
  • A screen similar to the Android OS interface will now appear.
  • Now, search for the Google Play Store on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on it.
  • Sign in with your Google account details.
  • Search now for the Kik Messenger on the Play Store. When you find it, download it.
  • Once your download is done, you can use Kik Messenger for PC.

Wrap Up

Hope you have downloaded Kik for PC successfully. Should this guide leave you with any questions, feel free to let us know.